Terms & Conditions


  1. The minimum certification level is OPEN WATER to join the liveaboard.
  2. Sokaraja Liveaboard can not be held liable if inaccurate information is given by you.
  3. All the payments should be in Indonesia Rupiah based on Bank Indonesia (BI) Regulation No 17/3/PBI/2015 on Mandatory use Rupiah in Indonesia.
  4. Payments can be done in cash, card or bank transfer (3%). If bank transfer is used the bank transfer fees, need to be paid by the customer.
  5. All our trips and courses are subject to the following conditions and supplementary conditions. Any other conditions put forth by the client cannot be accepted, except where there is a specific agreement in writing in this regard. Our offers are only an indication of what the delivery and performance involve.
  6. Guarantee departure is 3 Divers or 5 snorkelers.
  7. Komodo National Park entrance fee and taxes are not included in the price.
  8. Relocation fee is applicable for charter outside Komodo National Park.
  9. A 30% deposit is required to confirm the booking. Balance payment must be paid before the departure of the boat.
  10. Cancellation Policy: 
    1. 6 – 3 months before the trip, full refund from the deposit
    2. 3 – 1 month before the trip, a 50%  refund from the deposit
    3. Less than 1 (one)  month before the trip, a 30% deposit will be no refund.
  11. If during the liveaboard a dive can’t be done because of illness or medical problems there will be no refund for the lost dive(s). If the client signs in for the Liveaboard trip but decides during the trip to skip a dive there will also be no refund.
  12. All clients are required to familiarize themselves with these general sales conditions and to accept them.
  13. Sokaraja Liveaboard is required to make these general sales conditions known to the client.
  14. Each person is responsible for minors and/or objects under their supervision with regards to the applicable regulations by the Indonesian authorities, the police, customs, immigration, etc.
  15. Our company declines all responsibility in case of assignment interruption as a result of major force such as heavy weather conditions, accidents, volcano eruptions, road works, fog, strikes, etc. The resulting and additional costs for transportation or accommodation are charged to the client. This list is not exhaustive.
  16. All prices given to the client, those established in our programs as well as those given in a special quote, are subject to change under the general economic conditions and in particular due to price increases of raw materials or labor, and the applicable taxes by the Indonesian government.
  17. Our company cannot be held accountable in any form for illness, accidents, or incidents and the consequences that our clients undergo for the duration of the trip.
  18. The dive guide, instructor and cruise director will be able to retain the customer from diving. Example: if diver drinks alcohol before the dive, have a dangerous behavior for themselves or others, not respect the fragile aquatic environment and the Komodo National Park rules and will be also not refunded.
  19. If the customer loses any of the dive equipment, they must pay the full amount of the item.

Price includes:

1. Unlimited  water, coffee, and tea

2. Dive and/or snorkeling gear

3. 4 meals and snacks during the day

4. The cruise director and divemaster/Instructor

5. Harbour fee

Price excludes:

1. National Park Fee for diver and snorkeler and Rinca Dragon Trekking

2. Additional beverages consumption such as beer, soda, and wine

3. Gratuities for the crew (not mandatory)

I have read this agreement and agree to the terms and conditions above as stated by PT SOKARAJA PRIMA KOMODO